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Summer Program "Understanding Europe"

From June 18 to July 6 2012


This program, taught in English over three weeks by French and European academics, will concentrate on the construction of Europe, enabling a better understanding of its achievements and of the challenges it faces. The program includes a three-day visit of the European institutions in Strasbourg: the European Parliament in session, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights.
- Module 1: The construction of Europe
- Module 2: The European Union (Institutions, community law and European intergovernmental law)
- Module 3: Great Britain and Europe
- Module 4: The European economy
- Module 5: The issue of Turkey’s entry in the EU

Before the beginning of the summer school, a two-week optional French language course will be available in our partner institution, the Institut de Touraine, at a reduced rate.


• To understand the evolution of the European Union, its development since the 1950s and the challenges it faces today.
• To visit the European Parliament during a parliamentary session.
• To discover important places in the Loire Valley area that have a direct relationship with Europe through a series of conferences and visits.

Strengths and Specificities

• The classes are taught by European specialists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and the University of Tours;
• The summer program will end with a visit of several European Institutions during a parliamentary session – European Parliament, European Council and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg;
• Wide range of cultural activities offered to discover the outstanding area of the Loire Valley (UNESCO World Heritage site) and its rich history;
• An optional intensive two-week course in French at a reduced rate.


Program open to all students with a good level of English, who have completed at least one year in higher education and have an interest in European institutions.

Library and Internet Access

Registered students will have access, free of charge, to the library and to rooms equipped with computers.


• Individual written work;
• Regular attendance and participation over the three weeks;
• Regular attendance and participation, written and oral work for the optional French course.

ECTS Credits

The University of Tours will award 6 ECTS for the three-week program and 3 ECTS for the optional intensive French course but it is the responsibility of the institution each student attends to take into account the credits awarded.

Confirmation or Cancellation of Program

Registered participants will receive confirmation of the opening of the program by e-mail on March 16, 2012. They are strongly advised not to book non-refundable flights before receiving this confirmation as the University reserves the right to cancel the program if too few students have registered.

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