Elecrodynamics of advanced materials


  • Station sous pointes sous vide à température variable developed in the laboratory
  • Helium PPMS Quantum Design

  • Closed cycled PPMS Quantum Design

  • Liquefier Quantum Design ATL160

  • Spectrometer RPE BRUKER , X Band (4.21K to 300K)

  • Spectrometer RPE BRUKER , X and Q Bands (4.21K to 300K)

  • Magnetometer VSM LakeShore : 1.5 T, 77 K - 400°C

  • Pulsed Laser Deposition developed in the laboratory

  • Scanning Probe Microscopes (both in air at RT and ultra high vacuum)

  • 3 furnaces under gaz flow (Pyrox 1500 °C, Vecstar 1220°C, Adamel 1000°C) - 4 muffle furnaces at 1300°C (Carbolite, Thermoline)

  • Dilatometry DIL402C Netzsch – 20°C to 1500°C

  • Low pressure microplasma treatment enclosure, developed in the laboratory

  • Bruker D8 XRD (teta-teta) : equipped with an unit which measures in-situ materials under current and temperature 20°C- 800°C, developed in the laboratory

  • Bruker D8 discover XRD (teta-teta) : equipped with a furnace from 25°C to 1200°C,helium cryostat from 12 K to 300 K, automatic sample changer and monochromatic option in transmission mode

  • Microscope/spectrometer THz à UV + Raman under vacuum developed in the laboratory

  • Kerr magnetometer - nanoMOKE Durham Magneto Optics : 20K-400K

  • Workstation CPU/GPU Dell