Exchange Program

Exchange Program

The students of our partner universities (Erasmus partners or other partner universities with which a specific agreement has been signed) may apply for a semester in Polytech Tours. It may concern students in their final year of bachelor or in the first year of master.

This “Taught in English” programme is proposed in the 4 majors:
Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System).

This program enables students to develop high level scientific knowledge and intercultured skills that are most valuable in todays business world.


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I am a student at the Technical Educational Institute of Crete. There are a lot of reasons why I chose Polytech Tours - Mechanics department. Firstly, my University department in Crete is cooperating with Polytech Tours Secondly, I always wanted to learn French so I thought that it would be good to come to France to learn the language, and at the same time to study on my subject in English. Polytech Tours offers me that opportunity. Finally, I was informed that it is a university that is highly experienced as well as well equipped in terms of technology so I came to the city of Tours on an Erasmus program.
The city of Tours is very easy to get used to, it is a magical city with beautiful nature, castles, rivers, big parks and a great nightlife.