OCI : Organisation de conférences internationales

Projet HANT

  • EA'2007, http://ea07.hant.li.univ-tours.fr/,Conférence Evolution Artificielle, Tours,Octobre 2007.

Equipe OC

  • MOPGP 2006http://www.info.univ-angers.fr/pub/barichar/mopgp06/news.php,7th International conference on MultiObjective Programming and Goal Programming, Tours,Juin 2006
  • IFORS'2008Stream organizer Scheduling (6 sessions),18th Triennal conference of the International Federation of Operational Research societies, Sandton, South Africa,Juillet 2008
  • PMS'2010http://www.pms2010.univ-tours.fr/pms10/,12th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling, Tours,Avril 2010
  • EURO'2010Stream organizer « Scheduling » (7 sessions),24th European Conference on Operational Research, Lisbon, Portugal,Juillet 2010