Colloque international - On the Ruins and Margins of European Identity in Cinema : European Identity in the Era of Mass Migration

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du 2 avril 2019 au 3 avril 2019


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Raphaële Bertho et Temenuga Trifonova organisent les 2 et 3 avril 2019 à l’université de Tours un colloque international dans le cadre de la bourse Studium: « On the Ruins and Margins of European Identity in Cinema: European Identity in the Era of Mass Migration ».

The increased mobility of large groups of people from outside and inside Europe has influenced the socio-geographical fixity of a continent of nation-states, putting in question both the concepts of ‘national identity’ and ‘European identity’. The purpose of this conference is to reflect on contemporary debates around the concepts of ‘Europe’ and ‘European identity’ through an examination of European films from 2000 to the present dealing with various aspects of globalization (the refugee crisis, labor migration, the resurgence of nationalism and ethnic violence, international tourism, neoliberalism, transnational commodification, post-colonialism, transnational capital etc.) in order to reflect on the ambiguities and contradictory aspects of the figure of the migrant and the ways in which this figure challenges us to rethink core concepts such as European identity, European citizenship, justice, ethics, liberty, tolerance, and hospitality in the post-national context of ephemerality, volatility, and contingency that finds people looking for firmer markers of identity. 

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