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Personnel de recherche CNRS

Elfie Perdereau

CNRS Research Engineer, Manager of the chemical ecology platform Transversal axis coordinator "Insects as Feed and Food"



Thèmes de recherche

Research fields: Chemical ecology, Analytical Chemistry, Behavioural ecology, Evolutionary biology, Molecular biology.

Keywords: Chemical communication, Biological Invasion, Biodiversity assessment.

Biological models: Termites (Reticulitermes species), Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), Silkworms (Bombyx mori), Parasitoïd wasps and others Arthropods.

My research activities aim to understand, at different levels of living organization (from communities to genes including populations and individuals) the modifications of organisms (insects) and the mechanisms responsible for them. My research revolves on three main axes which are "biological invasions", "biodiversity assessment" and "insects as feed and food ".

I develop these researches as part of my responsibilities:

1. Management of the Institute's chemical ecology platform. Platform grouping machines (GC-MSMS TQ, HPLC-MSMS QTOF, GC-FID, capillary electrophoresis) dedicated to the analysis of chemical mediators and metabolites of insects and/or associated plants.

2. Coordination of the inter-team axis of the Institute. The objective of this axis is the development of projects focused on "Food and health strategies for tomorrow" in support of the international sector "Insects as Feed and Food". This sector plans to use insects to recycle agricultural and agrifood co-products, as a food source for humans and farm animals or as a source of interest molecules.

Activités / CV

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