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Enseignant chercheur

M. Abdeldjalil Ouahabi



7 Avenue Marcel Dassault 37004 TOURS



Génie informatique, automatique et traitement du signal

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Signal and Image Processing, Engineering Mathematics, Automatic-Control, Medical Imaging

Thèmes de recherche

Wavelets, Multiresolution Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Optimal Filtering, Fractal and Multifractals, Sampling Theory and Compressed Sensing, Medical Imaging.

Activités / CV

  • Education
March 1983, Ph. D. in Automatic-Control and Signal Processing,  Grenoble INP, France, (Advisor : Dr. F. Glangeaud, CNRS Research Director).
May 1992, State Doctorat  in Signal Processing, INP Grenoble-USTHB Algiers  (Advisor : Prof. J. L. Lacoume, Professor Grenoble INP)
  • Professional Experience, Management & Leadership
1995-present Full Professor, Project leader Signal-Image, Polytech Tours, France
2004-2009 Deputy Director (in charge of the International Relations),
Polytech Tours,
1994-1995 Invited Professor, Maine University, Le Mans, France
1992-1994 Associate Professor, Institute of Electronics, USTHB Algiers
1990-1994 Founder and Head of the Signal and Systems Laboratory, Director of the
Institute of Electronics, USTHB Algiers
1983-1992 Senior Lecturer,
Institute of Electronics, USTHB Algiers.
1981-1983 Lecturer,
Grenoble INP, France
  • Honors and Awards
2013 The title of Distinguished Visiting Professor awarded by Bucknell University. USA.
2005 Price of
Innovative Program for Mobility (attractiveness of higher education in France).
1999 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.  Best Paper Award (ICECS'99).
Ranked 1st in the French competition for the position of Professor in the following universities : Compiegne University of Technology, Caen University, and Tours  University.
Higher Education Prize: Ranked first in the competition for the position of Associate Professor in Algeria for all specialties combined.
1979 ENP Prize (scholarship for study abroad): Awarded to a student who has obtained the best ENP (National Polytechnic School of Engineering) grade point average over the entire period of studies.
National Award: Scientific "Baccalauréat" obtained one year before the end of high school class.
  • Selected Committee Activities
2013-present Member of “The Algerian Paper of the Year Awards” Committee.
1998-present Member of the Board, Tours Engineering School which becomes Polytech Tours
2008-2012 Member of the Board of Studies and University Life (CEVU), University of Tours
2010 Coordinator of the National Doctorate Award in Signal and Image organized by the GDR ISIS of the CNRS,  the GRETSI Association and the EEA Club
Member of the Board, Club EEA (French Society of Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automatic-Control and Signal-Image)
1990-1994 Member of the Board, University of Science and Technolgy (USTHB)-Algiers
1995-present Member of the Hiring Committee, Tours University
1995-2005 Member of the Hiring Committee, Maine University (Le Mans-France)

Informations complémentaires

  •  Selected Conference Organization and IPC Membership
1987-2015 IPC Member of 16 International Conferences (IPTA, ISSPA, ICECS... mostly IEEE or supported by IEEE).
2009 President of the EEA Club Congress, Tours
1999 Chairman of the special session "Time-frequency (time-scale) analysis for time delay and Doppler Estimation", 6th IEEE ICECS, Pafos (Cyprus).
1994 General Chairman of ICSS, Sidi-Fredj, Algiers.
  • Editorial Activities
2010-2011 Guest Editor « Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing » Journal.
2012 Editor Iste-Wiley, Hermes-Lavoisier.
  •  Reviewing and Consulting Activities
IEEE Trans. UFFC, IEEE Trans. IM, IEEE Trans. CS, IEEE Trans. IP, IEEE Trans. SP, IEEE SPL, IEEE Trans. SMC, IEEE Trans. MI, IEEE Trans. BE, IJAV , SP, DSP, , MSSP , SC, AICSP , IJST , JBIP, Nature et Technologie, J3eA, Fuell Cells, Chaos, Inspire Magazine, IJIG, JMBE, Measurement, Physica A, etc.
Organisations, Companies and Ministries:
EU, UNESCO, Alcatel-Lucent, Sagem, GE, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Algeria, etc.
  • Publications
11 Books including
"Wavelet Denoising : Application in Medical Imaging", Iste-Wiley, 2016.
"Signal and Image Multiresolution Analysis", Iste-Wiley, 2012.
"Analyse Multirésolution pour le Signal et l'Image", Hermes-Lavoisier, 2012.
12 Book Chapters
26 Invited Talks and Tutorials
68 Journal Publications including
W. RMILI , A. OUAHABI, R. SERRA & R. LEROY “An automatic system based on vibratory analysis for cutting tool wear monitoring”, Measurement, Sept. 2015 (on line), Vol. 77, pp. 117-123, 2016.
S. SID AHMED, Z. MESSALI , A. OUAHABI , S. TRÉPOUT , C. MESSAOUDI, S. MARCO, “Nonparametric Denoising Methods Based on  Contourlet Transform with Sharp Frequency Localization: Application to Electron Microscopy Images with Low Exposure Time”, Entropy, 17, pp. 2781-2799, 2015.
D. AIT AOUIT & A. OUAHABI, “ Nonlinear Fracture Signal Analysis Using Multifractal Approach Combined with Wavelet”, Fractals - Complex Geometry, Patterns, and Scaling in Nature and Society, Vol. 19, N°18, 2011.
A. OUAHABI, S. FEMMAM, "Wavelet-based multifractal analysis of 1-D and 2-D signals: new results", Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal processing, Vol. 69, N◦ 1, pp. 3-15, 2011.
J. M. GIRAULT, D. KOUAME & A. OUAHABI, “Analytical formulation of the fractal dimension of filtered stochastic signal”, Signal Processing, Vol. 90, Issue 9, pp. 2690-2697,  2010.
M. KIOUS, A. OUAHABI, M. BOUDRAA, R. SERRA & A. CHEKNANE, “Detection process approach of tool wear in high speed milling ”, Measurement, Vol. 43, Issue 10, pp. 1439-1446, 2010.
W. RMILI , A. OUAHABI, R. SERRA & M. KIOUS “Tool wear monitoring in turning using vibratory analysis”, International Journal of Acoustic and Vibration, Vol. 14, N°1, pp.4-11+ p.46, 2009.
D. AIT AOUIT et A. OUAHABI., “ Suivi de fissuration de matériaux par thermographie-Monitoring crack growth using thermography”, Comptes Rendus Mécanique (Académie des Sciences), 336, pp. 677-683, 2008.
S. FEMMAM, N. K.M’SIRDI, and A. OUAHABI, “ Perception and characterization of materials using signal processing techniques ”, IEEE Trans. IM, Vol. 50, N°5, pp.1203-1211, 2001.
J. M. GIRAULT, D. KOUAME, A. OUAHABI, and F. PATAT, “ Micro-emboli detection : an ultrasound Doppler signal processing viewpoint ”, IEEE Trans. BE, Vol. 47, N°11, pp. 1431-1439, 2000.
D. KOUAME, J. M. GIRAULT, V. LABAT and A. OUAHABI “ Delta High Order Cumulant based Recursive Instrumental Variable algorithm ”, IEEE SPL, Vol. 7, N°9, pp. 262-265, 2000.
J.M.GIRAULT, J. P. CHEMLA, D. KOUAME, J. P. REMENIERAS, A. OUAHABI, and F. PATAT, “Estimation of the blood Doppler frequency shift by a time-varying parametric approach using the mean resonating frequency,” Ultrasonics, vol. 38, N°1-8, pp. 682-687, 2000.
V. LABAT, J. P. REMENIERAS, O. B. MATAR, A. OUAHABI, and F. PATAT, “Harmonic propagation of finite amplitude sound beams: experimental determination of the nonlinearity parameter B/A.,” Ultrasonics, vol. 38, N°1-8, pp. 284-288, 2000.
A. OUAHABI, C. DEPOLLIER, L. SIMON and D. KOUAMÉ, “ Spectrum estimation: from randomly sampled velocity data”, IEEE Trans. IM., Vol. 47, N°4, pp. 1005-1021, 1998.
J.M GIRAULT, F. OSSANT, A. OUAHABI, D. KOUAME and F. PATAT “Time-Varying Autoregressive Spectral Estimation for Ultrasound Attenuation in Tissue Characterization”, IEEE Trans. UFFC, Vol. 45, N°4, pp. 650-658, 1998.
D. KOUAME, J.M.GIRAULT, C. GUETBI, J.P. REMENIERAS, A. OUAHABI and F. PATAT “Détection d’emboles par isolation de non-stationnarités”, European Journal of Ultrasound, Vol. 7, Suppl. N°1, pp. S7, 1998.
A. OUAHABI, “Analyse spectrale paramétrique de signaux lacunaires”, Traitement du Signal, Vol.9, N°2, pp. 181- 191, 1992.
A. OUAHABI, J.L. LACOUME, “New results in spectral estimation”, IEE Electronics Letters,Vol.27, N°.16, pp.1430-1432, 1991.

5 Papers published in a scientific encyclopedia
(Techniques de l’ingénieur)
A. OUAHABI, "Pratique du filtrage. 1ère Parie : Filtrage (analogique) linéaire", Techniques de l’ingénieur, oct. 2015.
A. OUAHABI, "Pratique du filtrage. 1ère Parie : Filtrage (numérique) linéaire", Techniques de l’ingénieur, jan. 2016.
A. OUAHABI, "Pratique du filtrage. 2ème Parie : Filtrage non-linéaire", Techniques de l’ingénieur, juin 2016.
A. OUAHABI, "Filtrage numérique à base d’ondelettes. 1ère Parie : Fondements", Techniques de l’ingénieur, Référence R1108, juin 2013.
A. OUAHABI, "Filtrage numérique à base d’ondelettes. 2ème Partie : Application en imagerie médicale ", Techniques de l’ingénieur, Référence R1109, juin 2013.

80 Conference Papers

  • Postgraduate Students Supervision
Supervison of over 17 Ph.D students
Supervison of over 80 M. Sc students
  • Languages
French, Arabic, English, some knowledge of German and Italian
  • Sports and Interests
Soccer (Foot-Ball), Running, Chess, Literature, Travel, Humanism, Sustainable Development