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Chimie des matériaux

Thèmes de recherche

  • Synthesis oxide and hydroxide nanoparticles by precipitation
  • Physical properties studies of superconducting, piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials
  • Sintering , structure and microstructure characterisation of ceramics
  • Elaboration of oxides single crystals

Group members

Vijaya Bashker (co-supervised with G. Nataf)
Rachid Belritti-Nejjar (Co supervised with L. Haumesser, E. Lemaire)

Selected research projects

  • EIC Pathfinder (2024-2028): First Regenerative Solid-State Barocaloric Refrigerator [WP-leader]
  • ANR PRC (2024-2028): Study and sintering of molecular compounds for barocaloric refrigeration
  • SCUALE (2024-2026) European Defense Fund

Activités / CV

- G. F. Nataf, H. Ait Laasri, D. Brault, T. Chartier, C. Ya, F. Delorme, I. Monot-Laffez, F. Giovannelli - Influence of cation vacancy concentrations on ultra-low thermal conductivity in (1-x)BiVO4 – xBi2/3MoO4 scheelite solid solutions - Open Ceramics 15 (2023) 100406.

-  A. Salvatori, D. Aguila, G. Aromı, L. Mañosa, A. Planes, P Lloveras, L. C. Pardo, M. Appel, G. F. Nataf, F. Giovannelli, M. Barrio, J. L. Tamarit, M. Romanini - Large barocaloric effects in two novel ferroelectric molecular plastic crystals- Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2023, 11, 1214

- E. Bsaibess , F. Delorme , I. Monot-Laffez , F. Giovannelli - Ultra-low thermal conductivity in scheelite and A-deficient scheelite ceramics- Scripta Materialia 201 (2021) 113950

 F. Giovannelli, C. Chen, P. Diaz-Chao, E. Guilmeau, F. Delorme – Thermal conductivity and Stability of Al-doped ZnO nanostructured ceramics - - Journal of European Ceramic Society 38 (2018) 5015-5020

- M. Bah, N. Alyabyeva, R. Retoux, F. Giovannelli, M. Zaghrioui, A. Ruyter, F. Delorme and I. Monot-Laffez - Investigation of the domain structure and hierarchy in potassium–sodium niobate lead-free piezoelectric single crystals- RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 49060-49067