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Biologie des populations et écologie

Discipline(s) enseignée(s)

Running water and wetland ecology Freshwater biodiversity Bioindicators Restoration ecology Tropical ecology Technical english for ecological engineers

Thèmes de recherche

functional ecology of rivers and wetlands biodiversity and ecology of aquatic animals, including invasive species organic matter processing, carbon storage in ecosystems stable isotope ecology of foodwebs habitat classification sustainable management concepts tropical ecology, specifically in Tropical Latin America

Activités / CV

Employment record
since 2010 Professor in Aquatic Ecology, Universit‚ Fran‡ois Rabelais, Tours, France.
2009   Co-ordinator for Ecohydrological Research within the organizing team for the Excellence Cluster Hydrosphere,  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2002 Scientific assistant and Assistant professor, University of Konstanz, Germany (fellowships by the German Science foundation DFG)
1993 Research fellow, Max Planck Institute of Limnology, Ploen, Germany and Executive coordinator, Pantanal Ecology Project at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil (funded by the German Ministry of Research, BMBF)

Education and academic titles
2007 Habilitation thesis, on "Aquatic-terrestrial interactions in tropical riverscapes"
1997 Doctorate thesis on "Influence of man-made siltation on habitat structure and invertebrate communities of Cerrado Streams" (summa cum laude)
1992 Diploma thesis on "The hyporheic zone of the Rhine River, applying the freeze coring technique in diving chambers"
1987-1992 Study of Biology at the universities of Mainz and Konstanz, Germany