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M. Wissam El Hage

Professor of Adult Psychiatry, Director of the Clinical Investigation Centre CIC1415, Co-leader of the Team 1 "Neurofunctional Psychiatry" of the INSERM unit iBrain U1253

Contact details

10, Boulevard Tonnelle 37032 TOURS CEDEX 1
Parc de Grandmont 37200 TOURS

Phone 2
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Academic discipline(s)

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Taught academic discipline(s)

Adult Psychiatry

Research topics

The main interest is the study of neurocognitive and cerebral correlates of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder at adulthood.
Keywords: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Treatment resistant depression

Activities / Resume

2018: Director of the Clinical Investigation Centre CIC1415, INSERM & CHRU of Tours
2018: Co-leader of the Team 1 "Neurofunctional Psychiatry" of the INSERM unit U1253, iBrain, "Imaging & Brain"
2013: Professor of Psychiatry, University of Tours, France
2007: Visiting Associate Researcher, Institute of Psychiatry, KCL, London, UK
2003: Doctorate’s degree PhD, University François Rabelais, Tours, France
2002: Medical degree MD, Psychiatrist, University François Rabelais, Tours, France
2004-13: Medical Practitioner, Department of Psychiatry, CHU of Tours, France
Main Publications
  1. Putois B, Peter-Derex L, Leslie W, Braboszcz C, El-Hage W, Bastuji H. Internet-Based Intervention for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Using Remote Imagery Rehearsal Therapy to Treat Nightmares. Psychother Psychosom. 2019;88(5):315-316.
  2. Cancel A, Dallel S, Zine A, El-Hage W, Fakra E. Understanding the link between childhood trauma and schizophrenia: A systematic review of neuroimaging studies. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2019;107:492-504.
  3. Chantebel R, Chesneau A, Tavernier E, El-Hage W, Caille A. Completeness of Descriptions of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Intervention: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of rTMS in Depression. Journal of ECT 2019;35(1):7-13.
  4. Schäfer I, Hopchet M, Vandamme N, Ajdukovic D, El-Hage W, Egreteau L, Javakhishvili JD, Makhashvili N, Lampe A, Ardino V, Kazlauskas E, Mouthaan J, Sijbrandij M, Dragan M, Lis-Turlejska M, Figueiredo-Braga M, Sales L, Arnberg F, Nazarenko T, Nalyvaiko N, Armour C, Murphy D. Trauma and trauma care in Europe. European Journal of Psychotraumatology 2018;9(1):1556553.
  5. Legrand M, Troubat R, Brizard B, Le Guisquet AM, Belzung C, El-Hage W. Prefrontal cortex rTMS reverses behavioral impairments and differentially activates c-Fos in a mouse model of post-traumatic stress disorder. Brain Stimulation 2019;12(1):87-95. 
  6. Desmidt T, Andersson F, Brizard B, Dujardin PA, Cottier JP, Patat F, Réméniéras JP, Gissot V, El-Hage W, Camus V. Ultrasound Measures of Brain Pulsatility Correlate with Subcortical Brain Volumes in Healthy Young Adults. Ultrasound Med Biol. 2018;44(11):2307-2313. 
  7. Quidé Y, Andersson F, Dufour-Rainfray D, Descriaud C, Brizard B, Gissot V, Cléry H, Carrey Le Bas MB, Osterreicher S, Ogielska M, Saint-Martin P, El-Hage W. Smaller hippocampal volume following sexual assault is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder in women. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 2018;138(4):312-324. 
  8. Quidé Y, Cléry H, Andersson F, Descriaud C, Saint-Martin P, Barantin L, Gissot V, Carrey Le Bas MP, Osterreicher S, Dufour-Rainfray D, Brizard B, Ogielska M, El-Hage W. Neurocognitive, emotional and neuroendocrine correlates of exposure to sexual assault in females. Journal Psychiatry Neuroscience 2018;43(5):318-326. 
  9. Hingray C, El-Hage W, Duncan R, Gigineishvili D, Kanemoto K, LaFrance WC Jr, de Marinis A, Paul R, Pretorius C, Téllez Zenteno JF, Wiseman H, Reuber M. Access to diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: An international survey by the ILAE PNES Task Force – 2ndRevision. Epilepsia 2018;59(1):203-214. 
  10. Desmidt T, Brizard B, Dujardin PA, Ternifi R, Réméniéras JP, Patat F, Andersson F, Cottier JP, Vierron E, Gissot V, Kim K, Aizenstein H, El-Hage W, Camus V. Cerebrovascular diseases are not a matter of late-life depression only, midlife depression may also be concerned: a comparative study using ultrasound Tissue Pulsatility Imaging. Neuropsychopharmacology 2017;42(13):2575-2582.
  11. Kazour F, Richa S, Desmidt T, Lemaire M, Atanasova B, El-Hage W. Olfactory and gustatory functions in bipolar disorders: a systematic review. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 2017;80:69-79. 
  12. Naudin M, Carl T, Surguladze S, Guillen C, Gaillard P, Belzung C, El-Hage W, Atanasova B. Perceptive biases in major depressive episode. PloS One 2014;9(2):e86832.
  13. Radua J, El-Hage W, Monté GC, Gohier B, Tropeano M, Phillips ML, Surguladze SA. COMT Val158Met x SLC6A4 5-HTTLPR interaction impacts on gray matter volume of regions supporting emotion processing. Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience 2014;9(8):1232-1238.
  14. El-Hage W, Zelaya F, Radua J, Gohier B, Alsop DC, Phillips ML, Surguladze SA. Resting-state CBF in amygdala is modulated by sex and serotonin transporter genotype. Neuroimage2013;76:90-7.
  15. El-Hage W, Phillips ML, Radua J, Gohier B, Zelaya FO, Collier DA, Surguladze SA. Genetic modulation of neural response during working memory in healthy individuals: Interaction of glucocorticoid receptor and dopaminergic genes. Molecular Psychiatry2013;18,174-82.
  16. Quidé Y, Witteveen AB, El-Hage W, Veltman DJ, Olff M. Differences between effects of psychological versus pharmacological treatments on functional and morphological brain alterations in anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews2012;36:626-44.
  17. Radua J, Mataix-Cols D, Phillips ML, El-Hage W, Kronhaus D, Cardoner N, Surguladze S. A new effect-size, voxel-based meta-analytic method that combines both images and peak coordinates of neuroimaging studies. European Psychiatry 2012;27(8):605-611.
  18. Landré L, Destrieux C, Andersson F, Barantin L, Quidé Y, Tapia G, Jaafari N, Clarys D, Gaillard P, Isingrini M, El-Hage W. Working memory processing of traumatic material in post-traumatic stress disorder. Journal Psychiatry Neuroscience2012;37:87-94.
  19. Surguladze SA, El-Hage W, Dalgleish T, Radua J, Gohier B, Phillips ML. Depression is associated with increased sensitivity to signals of disgust: functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Journal of Psychiatric Research2010;44:894-902.
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  21. El-Hage W, Powell JF, Surguladze SA. Vulnerability to depression: what is the role of stress genes in gene·environment interaction? Psychological Medicine2009;39:1407-1412.
  22. Tapia G, Clarys D, El-Hage W, Belzung C, Isingrini M. PTSD psychiatric patients exhibit a deficit in remembering. Memory2007;15:145-53.


Professeur des Universités Praticien Hospitalier

Additional informations

Medical director of the Psychotraumatology Regional Centre - Centre Val de Loire, in relation with the French National Centre of Ressources and Resilience
Member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) that promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience about all aspects of psychotraumatology. The ESTSS do this by fostering research and best practice, building networks, and by contributing to public policy at a European level. Website:
Member of the French network ''ABC des psychotraumas'' that was created in 2007. This network is a member of the Fondamental Foundation since 2009. Its major mission is to develop strong interactions between clinical research and basic research. Website: 
Associate Editor of the European Journal of Psychotraumatology (EJPT), the European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation (EJTD), La Presse Médicale, and the French Journal of Psychiatry