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Erick Falc'her-Poyroux - Aranmore 2022

M. Eric Falc'her-Poyroux

Professor, English department, University of Tours

Contact details

3 Rue des Tanneurs 37041 TOURS CEDEX 1

Office 46 (site Tanneurs)

Personal Website

Taught academic discipline(s)

British and Irish studies

Research topics

Irish history, cultural nationalism, music and identity. The Beatles.
Member of SOFEIR (French Society for Irish Studies) since 1996, and of ICD (Interaction Culturelles et Discursives, University of Tours) since 2022.

Activities / Resume


see also

* Professor, Department of English, University of Tours (since September 2022)
Habilitation (2022) "Epistemology and Ontology of Irish music: for an interdisciplinary approach".
"Symphony 32": symphonic composition for orchestra and Irish instruments - with the Irish Chamber Orchestra (, Limerick, July 2022)

* 2005-2022: Associate Professor, Head of the Language Department, Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Nantes (and Head of the International Office 2009-2012)
Jury member - Agrégation Interne d'anglais 2014-2018, coordinator of the comprehension-restitution test.
Jury member - CAPES 2013-2014 
* 1997 - 2005: Senior Lecturer (English), Applied Languages Department, University of Rennes 2,
- Jury member - CAPES externe 2001-2003.

* 1993 - 1996 : Ph.D., Ireland's musical identity, University of Rennes 2, under the supervision of Jean Brihault.

Main recent publications

- Monograph : Histoire sociale de la musique irlandaise, Peter Lang, Oxford, 602 pp., 2018.
- The Beatles Clichés, Amergin Books, KDP, 2020.

- 2020 "Celtic Music" entry for Music Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia, Andrew R. Martin, Matthew Mihalka. Santa Barbara, ABC-CLIO, LLC.
- "Irish Songs of World War 1," in John Mullen (ed.), Popular Song in the First World War: An International Perspective, Routledge-Ashgate 2018.
- Tocane, Irish Music in the Dordogne, 26-minute documentary, 2017.
- "The Irish Famine: a linguistic and cultural disruption" in La grande famine en Irlande, Yann Bévant (ed), Presses Universitaire de Rennes, October 2014.
- "The Irish Famine in Songs," Revue Française de Civilisation Britannique, The Great Famine in Ireland 1845-1851. Volume 19.2, Anne-Catherine De Bouvier Christophe Gillissen (eds.), Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, September 2014.
- "L'Interceltisme musical - génèse d'une naissance," in Les Nations Celtiques et le Monde contemporain, Babel-Civilisations journal, Frédéric Armao (ed.), Nov. 2013.
- "Irish music re-defined," Proceedings of the conference La musique en Irlande : esthétiques et enjeux, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, PUC, 2013.
- "Irish music between tradition and modernity," Scolaire Staire/History Scholar, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Jan. 2012, pp. 20-28.
- "Individual and collective musical identities in Ireland", in Made in : identités culturelles et emblèmes nationaux dans un espace marchand international, Emmanuelle Bousquet and Gloria Paganini (eds.), CRINI, Nantes, 2010.
- 'Langues et identités en musique irlandaise', in Synergies Royaume-Uni et Irlande n° 1, Revue du GERFLINT, Michael Kelly (dir.) - 2008, pp. 21-32.

Promotion of research

- Author of La Danse Irlandaise, partnership with INA (French national television archives), online multimedia fresco, 2015.
- Author of Les Beatles, coll. Idées Reçues, éd. Cavalier Bleu, 2010.
- Author of L'Irlande avec J. Guiffan, coll. Idées Reçues, éd. Cavalier Bleu, 2009.
- Producer and director of a CD of Irish music, published by Coop Breizh (Ref. CD439), March 1996 ("Diapason d'Or" award, Diapason magazine, May 1996).
- Author of La musique irlandaise, with A. Monnier, Coop Breizh, 1995.
- Translator of Les Irlandais by Seán O'Faolain, published by Coop Breizh, 1994.




Additional information

- First-aid worker (2008-2022)

- Deputy Mayor of Treillières (Loire-Atlantique, 9000 inhabitants), School and Culture Affairs, March 2001- March 2008.

- Development and management of websites (personal and professional) since 1996. Ph.D. thesis and research work available in full on the website

- Training as a sound engineer. Personal digital multitrack studio (Direct-to-disk). Lecturer in audiovisual BTS (FRench 2-year technical degree): sound recording, mixing and sound reinforcement, Lycée Léonard de Vinci, Montaigu (85). 1994-1996.

- Musician : guitars, drums and mandolin. Sound engineer and drummer for rock bands, Ireland & France. About 150 concerts since 1985.