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Géologie structurale S5 TER

Nature Élément Constitutif
Crédits ECTS 3
Volume horaire total 20


EP2 : Géologie structurale – 2 [18h] (6h CM – 4h TD – 8h TP)
Responsable : Aurélien Lacoste
Enseignement présenté en langue anglaise.
Objectives : Introduce students to mechanical analyses of lithospheric deformations.
Prerequisite skills : EP G3.6 Structural Geology.
Contents : This structural geology course focuses on orogenic wedges. Mechanical analyses of the deformation, such as the critical Coulomb wedge theory, are discussed, as well as their applications in compressive (fold-and-thrust belts and accretionary prisms) and extensive settings (gravitational instabilities along passive margins). Salt tectonics principles and the influence of evaporitic layers on deformation are also presented.
Skills to be acquired : Analysis and interpretation of lithospheric deformed structures.