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Géomorphologie quantitative S5 TER

Nature Élément Constitutif
Crédits ECTS 2
Volume horaire total 16


EP2 : Géomorphologie quantitative [16h] (8h CM – 4h TD – 4h TP)
Responsable : Aurélien Lacoste
Enseignement présenté en langue anglaise
Objectives : Introduction to quantitative geomorphology methods and principles.
Prerequisite skills : L2 ST courses.
Contents : Geomorphic markers analysis and erosion rates quantification are described, with an emphasis on fluvial incision and gravitational instabilities processes (in-situ measurements, erosion laws, analog and numerical modelling). Interactions between tectonics, climate, erosion and sedimentation and their influence on relief evolution are also discussed.
Skills to be acquired : Analysis and interpretation of lithospheric deformed structures