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MASTER Humanities and Social Sciences MENTION Urbanism and Planning COURSE Planning and Sustainability

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MASTER Humanities and Social Sciences MENTION Urbanism and Planning COURSE Planning and Sustainability

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Head of the Master:  Laura VERDELLI

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Presentation of the Master degree in Spatial Planning and Sustainability

This course takes place at the Polytechnic School of the University of Tours Polytech de Tours.


Partnerships exist with the universities of Hanover (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Wroclaw (Poland).

Practical information

Structure(s) de rattachement
Durée de la formation
  • 2 ans
Formation continue
Formation diplômante
Lieu(x) de la formation
Oui, obligatoires
Langues d'enseignement
Accessible en formation initiale, formation continue


This course is taught in English and is primarily aimed at students who have studied out of France.
All students must hold a B2 level in English as entry level.

The + of the course


Résultats 2021/2022
Success rate of those present at the exams

M2 Urbanism and planning - Spatial planning and sustainability course
Number of students 2022-2023 : 20
Success rate 2021-2022 :  master not open due to the pandemic

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Numéro RNCP



Objectives of the Master:
  • To train professionals in and through research into the current challenges of sustainable urban development.


Disciplinary skills:
  • Knowledge and understanding of the scientific field of urban planning, development and the environment (understanding of urban practices, systemic vision of environmental problems affecting territories, etc.)
  • Master the research process: identification and resolution of unfamiliar and not completely defined problems, collection and interpretation of data, experimentation
  • Integrating into an organisation, leading it and making it evolve: commitment and leadership, project management, communication with specialists and non-specialists
  • Work in an international context: mastery of one or more foreign languages, cultural openness, international experience.



Responsable(s) de la formation

Head of the Master:  Laura VERDELLI



Partnerships exist with the universities of Hanover (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Wroclaw (Poland).


Niveau(x) de recrutement

Bac + 3

Formation(s) requise(s)

Bachelor's degree for entry into the Master programme: Bachelor degree in humanities and social sciences, Diploma of Architectural Studies (or equivalent to a Bachelor degree)

Public ciblé

Expectations for entry into the course:
  • Pre-requisites: have training and/or professional experience in the fields of spatial disciplines
  • Know how to organise documentary resources and a standardised bibliography
  • Know how to present and organize a corpus of data
  • Know how to mobilise the scientific concepts and issues necessary for the study of contemporary spaces
  • Be able to work in a team as well as independently
  • Know how to analyse and synthesise data with a view to their exploitation
  • Know how to develop an argument with a critical mind

Modalités de candidature

MASTER 1 : application on themon master platform
How to apply:
  • File

Criteria for examining applications:
  • Consistency of the academic pathway followed
  • Academic results
  • Consistency of the professional project with the Master
  • Level of English
> Consult the composition of the selection panel

MASTER 2 : Application on ecandidat via the validation of prior learning or verification of prior learning procedure

More information on the CAMPUS FRANCE website


Et après ?

Niveau de sortie

Bac + 5 (Niveau 7/8)

Compétences visées



Poursuites d'études

The student holding a MASTER 2 can continue his studies in Doctorate in fields of finalized or fundamental research:

Débouchés professionnels

Secteurs d'activité ou type d'emploi

Sectors of activity :
  • Engineering services and technical firms
  • Other firms and consultancy
  • Non Governmental Organization - NGO-
  • Local public enterprise
  • Administrations

Types of jobs:
  • Project or programme management
  • Engineering
  • Technical studies and advice
  • Administration, management
  • Higher education and public research management