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UE3 Geomorphology and fluvial system S7 SM1BVE

Nature UE
Crédits ECTS 4
Volume horaire total 34


Enseignement en langue anglaise.
Prerequisite skills - Basics of English language. Notions in geomorphology and fluvial dynamics.
Skills to be acquired - Knowledge of fluvial, glacial and wind erosive processes and dynamics. Analysis and interpretation of scientific data.
Contents - Watershed surface deposits and processes. Weathering, transport and deposition processes in glacial and lacustrine environments. Influence of climate and anthropic activities on regolith formation. Basic notions of fluvial quantitative geomorphology and study methods (alluvial terraces, longitudinal profiles, dating methods, physical and numerical modelling). Erosion rates quantification in fluvial environments and controlling factors of fluvial dynamics. Feedbacks between river dynamics, tectonics and climate and their influence on mountain ranges evolution. 1-day field trip in the Creuse valley.