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M. Sylvain Pincebourde

Chargé de Recherche sur les impacts du changement climatique sur les organismes


Parc de Grandmont 37200 TOURS

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Biologie des organismes, Biologie des populations et écologie, Biodiversité et biotechnologies

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Publications scientifiques

- Pincebourde S.
& Casas J. (2019) Narrow safety margin in the phyllosphere during thermal extremes. PNAS, in press.
- LeNaour A., Baeta R., Sansault E., Deville M. & Pincebourde S. (2019) Telemetry reveals the habitat selected by immature dragonflies: implications for conservation of the threatened dragonfly Leucorrhinia caudalis (Odonata: Anisoptera). Journal of Insect Conservation, in press.

- Woods H.A., Saudreau M. & Pincebourde S. (2018) Structure is more important than physiology for estimating intra-canopy distributions of leaf temperatures. Ecology and Evolution, 8, 5206–5218.
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- Pincebourde S., Murdock C.C., Vickers M. & Sears M.W. (2016) Fine-scale microclimatic variation can shape the responses of organisms to global change in both natural and urban environments. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 56, 45-61. Special issue: Beyond the Mean: Biological Impacts of Changing Patterns of Temperature Variation.Inselberg en Guyane française
- Pincebourde S. & Suppo C. (2016) The vulnerability of tropical ectotherms to warming is modulated by the microclimatic heterogeneity. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 56, 85-97. Special issue: Beyond the Mean: Biological Impacts of Changing Patterns of Temperature Variation. This article made the cover for this issue.
- Dillon M.E., Woods H.A., Wang G., Fey S.B., Vasseur D.A., Telemeco R.S., Marshall K. & Pincebourde S. (2016) Life in the frequency domain: the biological impacts of changes in climate variability at multiple time scales. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 56, 14-30. Special issue: Beyond the Mean: Biological Impacts of Changing Patterns of Temperature Variation.
- Pincebourde S. & Casas J. (2016) Hypoxia and hypercarbia in endophagous insects: Larval position in the plant gas exchange network is key. Journal of Insect Physiology, 84, 137–153. Special issue: Plant reprogrammers.
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- Woods H.A., Dillon M.E. & Pincebourde S. (2015) The role of microclimatic diversity and   of behavior in mediating the responses of ectotherms to climate change. Journal of Thermal Biology 54, 86-97. Special issue: What sets the limit? How thermal limits, performance and preference in ectotherms are influenced by water or energy balance. Hot paper (Web of Science).
- Casas J., Body M., Gutzwiller F., Giron D., Lazzari C.R., Pincebourde S., Richard R., & Llandres A.L. (2015) Increasing metabolic rate despite declining body weight in an adult parasitoid wasp. Journal of Insect Physiology 79, 27–35.
- Pincebourde S. & Casas J. (2015) Warming tolerance across insect ontogeny: influence of     joint shifts in microclimates and thermal limits. Ecology 96, 986–997.



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