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M. Anthony Castet

Anthony Castet is an associate professor of American studies at Tours University, where he specializes in LGBTQ issues in the fields of history, politics and civil rights. He serves on the steering committee of the EAAS LGBTQ+ Studies Network (European Association for American Studies).


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Thèmes de recherche

US Culture Wars, LGBTQ+ studies (politics and civil rights), US Supreme Court

Activités / CV

His research focuses on:

- contemporary culture wars and their impact on American democracy, 
- the legal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans as well as same-sex parenting, 
- the intersections between politics, religion and civil rights, especially with respect to LGBTQ Americans. 

His research lies primarily in the areas of: 
- discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation, 
- marriage/family law and religious liberty. 

His other scholarly interests include:
American and LGBTQ history, US politics, US institutions, culture wars and women’s rights.